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Steps for Online Payment via Desktop / Browser:
1. Visit our website at www.unmei-ph.com.
2. Hover on the Admission tab and choose "Enroll Now".
3. Click "Pay with Debit or Credit Card".
4. You will be redirected to the SpeedyCourse.com.ph website.
5. Choose the Course you prefer to be enrolled in.
6. On the right side of the page, click "Register".
7. Choose your preferred Schedule on the drop-down listbox.
8. Choose the ticket type and quantity per ticket. (Regular Ticket - 1 Slot | Bundled Ticket - 2 Slots (w/ discount))
9. Click "Proceed to Registration".
10. Fill-up all the information necessary for the enrollment. (You'll be given 15 mins. to complete the registration.)
11. Click "Continue to Payment".
12. Select your Payment Method. Kindly check the total fees before proceeding.
13. Click "Checkout".
If you DO NOT HAVE any Paypal account, proceed to Step 14.
If you DO HAVE a Paypal account, click "Log-in with Paypal" and input your account details and follow Paypal's instruction on your account (Important: Read the Terms and Conditions and review your payment summary before proceeding.)
14. Fill-up all the necessary personal and card detail field requirements. (Important: Read the Terms and Conditions and review your payment summary before proceeding.)
15. Click "Agree and Continue" and follow remaining instructions.
16. An electronic receipt will be given to you once the payment process has completed. Kindly send us a screenshot of the receipt or send us the transaction number through private message in our Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/UnmeiNihongoCenter) or email us at [email protected].
17. A confirmation will be sent back to you to complete the enrollment process and further instructions for your class.

Pay with Credit or Debit Card

2016 July JLPT Exam

The Next JLPT Examination will be conducted on July 03, 2015 | Sunday at the De La Salle University, Taft, Manila. The registration will start on March 09, 2016 to April 08, 2016 only. Kindly secure your test vouchers and read the guidelines at the JLPT Website.

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Japan's Most Visited Prefectures

Shimane prefecture, Japan's second-least populated prefecture, has self-deprecatingly decided to advertise itself in Tokyo as the "47th most famous prefecture in Japan," according to Japan Today. Of the 47 prefectures in the country, Shimane considers itself the most overlooked, located in the west of Honshu on the north coast facing South Korea.

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Our Branches

Unmei Nihongo Center now has 3 branches nationwide to share the Japan spirit to all Filipino people.

We are in an expansion phase and we are looking forward to open more branches nationwide this year. So, be updated.

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