Enrolment Procedure and Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Unmei!

As you start to embark in the journey of learning the Japanese Language, we highly recommend that you enroll in the Center's banner modules for our Basic level - Basics 1 and 2. Here are some of the information you will need to get started with us:

I. Course Description:
Our Basic 1 module has different training set-ups (Class-based, Private Tutorial, & Online):

Our class-based set-up is a center-based training that means the students are set at a minimum of three (3) and a max of seven (7). One cannot choose who are going to be his/her classmates, and study pacing will consider the average speed of the group.
For modules: Basic 1, Basic 2, Intermediate 1, and Intermediate 2, JLPT N3, N4, & N5 Reviews
No of hours per module: 70 hours

A set up that is recommended for those who wants to have their own pacing in studying the language; those who have not the luxury of time for a class-based set up; or those with a special or varying time availability that is not offered in a class-based set up. This is also recommended for students who have a specific area of study interest in the language, such as those who only want to learn JAPANESE KANJI or JAPANESE GRAMMAR ONLY.

ONLINE TUTORIAL SETUP / [email protected]:
The [email protected] is a more practical, economical and convenient way of learning the Japanese language in the comfort of your home, office or even when you're mobile or out of town. Here are some of the benefits of online learning vs. traditional schooling:

1. Time efficient - online teaching starts on the dot, paid per hour, therefore, your time is of utmost importance. You don't get to wait for other classmates or late teachers because online learning is done BY THE CLOCK, literally!

2. Cost-efficient - online learning is 30% CHEAPER than regular face-to-face teaching minus the transportation cost, traffic hassles, weather disturbances and other operational hindrances of a traditional school set up. Although during holidays, cost per hour increases, it's still less expensive compared to going to school!

3. Convenient - in terms of location, and time preference! You can continue to learn even if you're working, at home tending the kids, or during breaks, or even when you go abroad! You can choose the most convenient and available time and just focus on learning without worrying about getting late or missing a class.

4. Customizable - you can choose to study what you just ACTUALLY need and save on time and cost! You can also choose to have a class on your own (because there is also a group tutorial offered) and study at your own pace.

5. Personalized Teaching - unlike other online Japanese language classes, Unmei's [email protected] assures your learning by having a teacher to talk to and correct you (just like our center-based set up) and you don't need to make any appointments whatsoever.

Tuition Fee: Kindly contact us at (02)584-7811 for the fee and payment policy.

The fee is already inclusive of the books, cd, writing materials and culture training that is altogether a different module/course in other schools.

The training for each module is very comprehensive in that it targets to equip you with skills in the four communication areas -reading, writing, listening and speaking. Unmei prides itself with a guarantee that the expected output per module stated in our website will be met and culminates in the provision of a COMPLETION CERTIFICATE should the student meet the course requirements.

For the courses description, click here: www.unmei-ph.com/courses

II-A. Duration of Training and Cost
CLASS BASED (Complete Japanese Training Courses):

Sample Class-Based Schedule:
Sat Only Class: 5 hrs per meeting / 14 sessions = 3.5 months
M-F Class: 3 hrs per meeting / 23 1/3 sessions = 1 month and 1 week
MWF Class: 3 hrs per meeting / 23 1/3 sessions = 2 months
TTh Class: 6 hrs per meeting / 12 sessions = 1 1/2 months to 2 months

The duration will depend on the following factors:
(1) holidays, expected or announced
(2) class schedule chosen; or in the case of private tutorial set up, will depend on the ability of the student to adapt the study to his/her pace (faster learning speed = faster module completion). Regular modules may be taken on an everyday schedule, still class-based, which will cut the class duration in half (1 month and 1 week).

II-B. Schedules
You can find the schedules open on our Facebook Page timeline:
Or open our Class Opening Schedule Page by clicking here:

III. How to Enroll
To enroll, you need to pay us half of the total fee upon enrollment. The remaining balance has to be settled on the first day of class.

Kindly bring the following:
1. 1 pc. 2x2 ID picture
2. 1 valid picture ID
3. Fill out the Enrollment Form
4. Pay half/full tuition (half payment is only allowed prior to the first day of class). Balance must be paid in full on the first day of class)

Discounts may also be given based on the following factors:
1. Enrollment in two (2) or more courses
2. Enrollment of 2 or more students

III. Reservation of Slots:
In cases when personal visit to the Center may not be possible prior to the start of class, the potential student may deposit the slot reservation fee just half of the total payment through the following depository banks:

BPI - Savings Account
Account Name: Jennifer F. Matunding
Account Number: 3999 2180 74
Branch: San Miguel Avenue Branch, Pasig City

BDO - Kabayan Savings Account
Account Name: Jennifer F. Matunding
Account Number: 00681 0054 765
Branch: Octagon Tower, San Miguel Ave. Branch

METROBANK - Savings Account
Account Name: Jennifer F. Matunding
Account Number: 3086 4811 80
Branch: Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong Branch

IV. School Location:
You can find our school locations and branches here: www.unmei-ph.com/contact

Should you have further questions or clarifications, please don't hesitate to contact us at the Center. Kindly look for Girly, Reez or Jei at telephone number 02-5847811.

Hope to see you at the center soon!

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Our Branches

Unmei Nihongo Center now has 3 branches nationwide to share the Japan spirit to all Filipino people.

We are in an expansion phase and we are looking forward to open more branches nationwide this year. So, be updated.

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